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"Go and teach all nations to observe whatsoever things I have taught you..."  Matthew 28:19-20

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We offer you teaching on discipleship, a way of living your life that is Holy and acceptable to God. In the bible, Jesus reveals how to live for the glory of God and by the grace of God, we live and teach how Jesus teaches.


We are committed to publishing Christian teaching with a radical and uncompromising edge. We do this using different media, including DVD’s, CD’s, books and music, to minister to the body of Christ all over the world.


We recognise that in many parts of the world, a lack of finance can be an obstacle to obtaining resources that will provide much needed teaching. We are therefore committed to publishing and printing all our products at minimum cost.


Our workers are voluntary, receiving no wages. Everything is published, produced and printed in-house, enabling us to provide the resources you need quickly and economically.

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Maurice & Joanna Barratt, directors of Barratt Ministries.

Maurice and Joanna Barratt worked together for 20 years with Maurice’s father Bill Barratt, an evangelist with an international healing ministry in the 1950s and 60s. Maurice was formerly an international gymnast, and is a recording engineer/producer (he recorded and produced all of Joanna’s albums) and bass guitarist. Joanna is a professional session singer, used on Christian albums and radio and TV jingles. Maurice and Joanna are the directors of Barratt Ministries which is based in Manchester, England.


Maurice and Joanna got married in 1989, and have three children; Nathan, Izaac and Tamar.

Bill Barratt, Maurice's father and co-founder of Barratt Ministries.

Listen to Bill's testimony:

'From Parachutist to Pastor'

The twentieth century saw the return of spiritual gifts to the church. But since 1900 we have also witnessed the most rapid degeneration of standards in the West - and the church has not been excluded from this decline. Something has gone wrong, and despite the best efforts of Christians to put it right through various evangelistic methods, the tide has not turned; indeed, we hear more shocking things every day, from both the world and the church. Why has the problem not been solved?


We believe that it is simply because the power of God, signs and wonders evangelism, is not what is needed to change a backslidden nation. Only one thing can change Britain - the character of God displayed in the lives of real Christians.


It is our conviction that intercession is the only course now open to the church if we are to turn back the tide of godlessness in our nation. All our evangelistic efforts will come to very little unless God first hears our prayers of repentance and confession. It is in prayer that the battle is won or lost. We desperately need a move of God in our land. Barratt Ministries is committed to intercession, to plead with God until He hears from heaven and heals our nation.


Sermon On The Mount

The centre of Barratt Ministries’ message is the principles of practical discipleship and Christian lifestyle taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. We believe that these fundamentals have been seriously compromised in today’s church. Self-denial seems to have become a thing of the past; self-centredness, self-love, self-righteousness, blessing-seeking and sensationalism seem to have replaced it. A different spirit is abroad in the church - and it’s the wrong spirit. It doesn’t line up with the teaching of Jesus in the beatitudes or the gospel of the kingdom. Something’s got corrupted, and as a result of one-sided teaching and misguided leadership, many Christians today are finding themselves ill-equipped to cope with the trials of their faith.


Barratt Ministries is committed to redressing the balance, firstly by challenging Christians to bring back real Christianity to our needy country, and secondly by providing help in the form of solid, practical, foundational teaching based firmly on the Bible.



Since the formation of Barratt Ministries in 1986, directors Maurice and Joanna Barratt have taken the message of the Sermon on the Mount to churches throughout the UK and abroad. Maurice’s practical and discerning teaching has earned him a keen and appreciative following, and is complemented by Joanna’s songs, many of which tell of her own personal experiences in following Christ on the path of discipleship - not just victory and blessing but struggle and suffering. The reality behind Joanna’s songs has touched many hearts and been a source of challenge, encouragement and blessing. Maurice and Joanna have ministered throughout the denominational spectrum, in Great Britain, the USA, India, Barbados, Malta, the Canary Islands, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Poland.


Not Just In Church ...

Maurice and Joanna have also had a wide experience of prison ministry in the UK, and devote some of their touring itinerary to prison work. They are also regular guests at Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship meetings, and Joanna speaks at Women’s Aglow and other women’s meetings. Joanna has also taken her singing ministry out onto the streets of Manchester’s busy city centre, giving people an opportunity to hear the message of the gospel in a way that they can relate to.


Multi-Media Ministry

Barratt Ministries is committed to the quality use of all the media including books, CDs and DVDs (teaching and music), and of course the internet, to spread the message of real Christianity. Everything we have produced to date is listed within the Shop pages. You can order any of our products direct from this website.

We want to demonstrate clearly that our God is worth serving, whatever the cost! We ask God, our father, that he will provide for all our needs, that his Spirit will encourage, prompt and challenge people like you to support the ministry that he has given us all, for his glory and purpose.


Barratt Ministries give their services free. We believe we are in ministry to serve, not in business to make profit. For this reason our materials are kept to as low a price as possible.


For the same reason, there is no copyright on virtually all Barratt Ministries publications, whether they be CDs, DVDs or books. You may freely copy our material, and we are very happy for you to do so. We want to share our message in every way we can, and with this principle we do not feel that copyright is an option in ministry. The only exceptions we are obliged to make to this are Joanna’s albums My Chains Fell Off and The Reason I Live, which contain some material by other people which are copyrighted by them, and obviously, we have to respect these existing copyrights. Otherwise, because we produce our own material and are not profit-motivated, we have no need of copyright protection, and this means that the message can reach those who would otherwise be unable to access it.


This is not a day for Christians to compromise, but rather to stand up against it, both in the world and in the Church. As Christians we need to be setting the standard for others to follow. At Barratt Ministries we want to set that example by our lifestyle and our actions as well as by our words and teachings.


We strongly believe that the coming of our Lord draws near. The question is: will he find faith on the earth? According to James, faith is not only believing, but acting upon one’s beliefs. We are committed to spreading, and elaborating on, the radical teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in order to challenge the real Christians to stand up, be counted, and shine the light of Christ in this dark age.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"

Matthew 5:16

All original material published by Barratt Ministries Media is not copyrighted. You are free to copy and reproduce.

We do not ask for money, but are happy to receive donations.

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