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Steve Mirpuri

Ayude is an independent project and has a site of its own: www.ayude.be.

“Ayude” is a Spanish word meaning ‘Help us!’. It is a cry for help.


Ayude is a Belgian non-governmental organisation meeting the physical, mental and emotional needs of the poorest of the poor children. We operate in the slum areas of the Philippines and other countries. The people live in very small primitive ‘shanties’ or cardboard boxes next to open sewers. TB affects virtually all children in the slum areas, malnutrition is widespread, drugs and prostitution are rife. Administration of Ayude Belgium is undertaken by volunteers and 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to the children’s needs.


In 2008 Ayude founded a sister organisation called ‘Ayude For A New Day Philippines’, overseen by Steve Mirpuri, who was once a dropout, living in the slums, and dying of TB. He is now dedicated to helping the children of Manila’s slums. There are full-time workers living in the slum areas, available 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies.

Ayude supports children from economically disadvantaged families who can barely make it to school, let alone get a decent opportunity to make a difference in their lives by getting a good and solid education. Barratt Ministries support this organisation financially by raising money for sponsorship and providing publicity material.


If you would like to donate to Project Ayude, just click the 'donate' button at the bottom of the page and add a note to let us know it's for the Ayude project. Any contributions are more than welcome and we'd be very grateful for your sacrifice.

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