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Our last trip to Nigeria was in May 2011

Barratt Ministries Nigeria was established in 2004 and is registered with the Nigerian Government as an NGO. The individual responsible for the management and administration of the projects in Nigeria is Mr. Surakat Nurudeen. The first initiative was taken by Surakat after the massacre in Northern Nigeria, Kaduna state, to help the orphans in need by feeding and clothing them within his own limited resources. In 2003 Maurice and Joanna Barratt visited Nigeria and suggested they help by giving the children a home, education and life skills. In 2004 Barratt Ministries purchased a plot of land in Lagos. After approval from the local authorities for building, foundations of the orphanage were laid in November 2004. The organisation does not have any administrative costs, which allows all the donations made to be used towards the aim. Surakat travels frequently to the Northern state of Kaduna to visit the children, where they are currently located until the construction of the orphanage is completed. The purpose of this project is to provide a safe environment for those children, whose parents have been massacred in the Northern state of Kaduna. The children will receive home-schooling to a good standard of education and will be taught basic skills in sewing, cooking and cultivating crops. The aim is to assist the orphanage so that it will become self-funded as soon as possible. The practical skills and knowledge that children will gain while living in this orphanage will be of great value to them when they grow up and start their own adult life. Up to now we have dug a well to the depth of 185 ft, purchased a generator to supply electricity for the building, and this year the roof of the orphanage was completed. We are now raising funds for the windows, doors, and interior fittings.


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Surakat Nurudeen and his family

The work on the orphanage

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