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"Go and teach all nations to observe whatsoever things I have taught you..."  Matthew 28:19-20

Pastor Frank Musoke

When Maurice & I first met Pastor Frank Musika he was living in a 2 room house with his new wife who was 6 months pregnant. His wife gave us a meal & then started dishing out food to a number of young children who had filled the house. I thought this was quaint. Imagining that the children had crowded the house to look at our white faces I asked Frank if they were children from the village.


“Oh no, Mum, these are my children. They are AIDs orphans who live with me.”

Astonished, I asked, “Where do they sleep?”

He smiled back at me, spread his arms wide, & said, “Anywhere!”


Maurice & I came home from that trip with a burden. We had to do something for this need God had revealed to us, but we were just 2 people who had a heart for God, but no money. We decided to build a small orphanage so that Frank could comfortably take care of the children God had sent to him. In the meantime we contacted as many friends as we could & built a half way house with 4 rooms instead of 2 & the 'family' moved in. Sadly, it had been very difficult to fund the building of the orphanage which was started in 2002. The children who were being looked after have all gone to various destinations and only Pastor Frank's biological children remain in the marital home with their mother.

But, all glory to God, for the past couple of years we have been holding a Bible School in the unfinished orphanage building where we have taught Pastors and Church Leaders for periods of 4 days at a time. We have had wonderfully blessed times. 70 Church leaders, including Pastors, and a couple of Bishops (named Bishops because they are over many churches - one of these Bishops has over at least 100 churches), some of whom travelled from other African countries to attend, and others walked over 9 miles just to be there. We made the orphanage free of charge for them to stay for the duration and were able to house and feed around 30 of them in the unfinished rooms. We fed all those who attended with a really good meal each day which they ate in the grounds of the orphanage under the shade of the trees which had been planted. Everyone commented on the wonderful atmosphere – the peace of God was tangible. No amount of witchcraft activity, which we know to be going on in the area, could mar what God is doing in this place, and God showed us the way forward.


This building started off as an orphanage, but we now believe that God had another plan for it. Because God put his seal of blessing on the Bible School we have come to realise that this should now become a facility for Church Leaders and those in the Ministry, either as a retreat where they can take time out of their pressurised circumstances to be refreshed and  seek God, or where they can come together for conferences and teaching which Maurice and I will be conducting on a more frequent basis. The brethren shared with us that they are very capable of preaching the gospel and getting people saved, but they need us to go to them more often to teach them how to make their church members disciples of Jesus Christ.


Maurice and I both feel the call to this work as it is glaringly obvious that this is what they need most from us. We feel so sad that the orphanage has failed, but rejoice that God has a more glorious plan. If we can help to teach and train the leaders, then we can reach a far greater number of people through them than we ever could on our own.


We would love to think that you would start or continue to support our work in Uganda and this exciting new project God has given us to pursue. We want to thank you so much for the way you have encouraged us in the past.


God bless you continually,





The begginings of the building


Our first Bible School visit - Oct 2015.

4 days of intensive discipleship teaching!

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