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"Go and teach all nations to observe whatsoever things I have taught you..."  Matthew 28:19-20

Maurice has been writing books since the late 90s and has since written over 18 titles, covering the whole of the Radical Christianity Series and Israel, the Church & the Kingdom of God, as well as completing a 5 volume series entitled 6,000 Years of Babylon. His latest book is called 'Intercession, Becoming the Person God Listens to...' which was released in May 2015. Joanna has also written her own books - drawing from her past experiences and biblical revelation to share principles of how God deals with those he loves. We have been producing our own books at Barratt Ministries since the early 2000s, and have utilised our services to help many independent Christian authors publish their own revelation. Be sure to check out the different titles - you might just find something you need to read.

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