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J  O  A  N  N  A    B  A  R  R  A  T  T

Joanna, and her husband, Maurice Barratt, head up Barratt Ministries in England, and travel the world sharing what they have learned through teaching, preaching, and in song. After a traumatic childhood she married at 37 years of age, and had her first child almost 3 years later. Although tough on the exterior, she was still a little girl inside, floundering, vulnerable and unable to cope with family life. She speaks candidly of her own weaknesses and failures, and the methods God used to break and shape her over the years so that she can now serve the Body of Christ with her vast experience of life in the real world.


Joanna was a professional radio & television jingle singer and has recorded 16 solo albums of mainly her own compositions, plus a DVD, 'The BLOOD & THE CROSS', which is a unique production blending music and film into an unforgettable experience. Many of the songs feature signing for the deaf which are dramatically incorporated into the storyline of faith under persecution. To date she has written 8 books - 'Play The Man'; 'Experiences From Life'; 'Lessons From Life'; 'Learning From Life'; 'The Power Of Women'; 'The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like ...'; 'Abraham, Father Of Faith'; and 'It's Past Midnight'. You will find all her material on the Barratt Ministries website.


" H o n e s t  a n d  p r a c t i c a l . . . "

The first part to Joanna's book trilogy entitled, Experiences from Life.

Experiences from Life VIDEO SERIES

Learning from Life VIDEO SERIES

Joanna continues sharing from her experiences in this second part to her book trilogy entitled, Learning from Life.

Joanna continues sharing from her experiences in this third part to her book trilogy entitled, Lessons from Life.

Lessons from Life VIDEO SERIES