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I n t e r c e s s i o n  S e r i e s

Intercession is such a vital subject, especially at this time in world history. Many Christians confuse petition for intercession, but there is a vast difference. In this series, Maurice shows that far from being a type of prayer that we pray, it is God praying his prayers and petitions through us. Many Christians are pursuing blessings and building their own kingdom before Jesus comes, but surely in times like these - the last of the last days - we should be repenting and pursuing holiness to prepare the Bride for the return of Jesus.

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Intercession - Becoming the Person God Listens to...

Intercession Series Volume 1


This is the first in a coming series of books on the vital subject of Intercession. Maurice argues that, far from being a type of prayer to God, it is God praying his prayers through us, and the condition for us to be able to do this is to have such a relationship with God that he can trust us with his plans, and partner with him to bring them about. God listens to men not just men's prayers, and this is one of the many secrets Maurice shares in this first book. Becoming a person God will listen to, and even changing his mind as the great intercessors of the Bible did, is paramount and this book will challenge you to seek to be a disciple and not just a follower of Christ.


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 Intercession is mediation, or advocacy, and unless someone stands in the gap between the judgement of God and those he is to punish, the judgement will surely be administered. There is no other way to escape the judgement of God. Evangelism, teaching, and prayer, are all ineffectual once God has decided that judgement is the only option.

Intercession - Meeting the Conditions to Avert God's Judgement...

Intercession Series Volume 2


We are certainly living in the last of the last days before Jesus returns to earth to collect his bride and present her to his father before reigning on this earth for 1,000 years. This is the second volume in a series of books on the vital subject of Intercession for, as John Wesley said, ‘God does nothing but in answer to prayer’. Maurice looks at the 4 conditions that God requires for him to heal our land as listed in 1 Chronicles 7:14. To humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways. In part 2 he looks at Jonah the prophet and shows that he is a wonderful example of how, when a person, city, or nation meet these requirements, there are amazing and spectacular results.


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Worship, celebration and praising God are counter productive when seeking God's face is required. They are not in the list of requirements for the restoration of God's people and often celebration is a sign of backsliding, such as when Israel were dancing around a golden calf believing they were worshipping the real God. There is no easy route when we forsake God, and the way back is always hard and painful.

Intercession - Spiritual Warfare...

Intercession Series Volume 3


This is the 3rd volume in the intercession series and Maurice looks at the controversial subject of spiritual warfare. It is a much misunderstood subject and many Christians practice unscriptural methods. Maurice, in his usual practical and logical teaching style, looks at what the bible actually says concerning fighting demons and binding spiritual powers over cities or nations. This book will open your eyes to the true spiritual warfare and surprise many committed Christians who have been misled in this area.


Paperback £7 (+ £1 postage)


Intercession is our appeal to the judge and not to shout at the prosecution. True intercession is always an appeal to God to avert his judgement and for him to pronounce what we do not deserve – mercy. While we are binding devils over our cities we are being diverted away from the cause of the problem – God's people. For if God's people meet the 4 conditions we have looked at in volume 2, from 2 Chronicles 7:14, God says he will heal the land.

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