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In 2008 Ayude founded a sister organisation called ‘Ayude For A New Day Philippines’, overseen by Steve Mirpuri, who was once a dropout, living in the slums, and dying of TB. He is now dedicated to helping the children of Manila’s slums. Barratt Ministries support this organisation financially by raising money for sponsorship and providing publicity material.


In Kariobangi, one of the slum areas in Nairobi, Pastor Lucas Wafula has founded a church (made up of a basic wooden frame and corrugated iron sheets) as well as a primary and secondary school, where poor children from ages 3-20 are educated.

In February 2005 Barratt Ministries Uganda was registered as a non-governmental organisation to carry out its activities in the field; caring for orphans. Today the building operates as a Bible school and retreat centre for those in the ministry.

Barratt Ministries Nigeria was established in 2004 and is registered with the Nigerian Government as an NGO.The individual responsible for the management and administration of the projects in Nigeria is Mr Surakat Nurudeen.

In Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city, Moses Bukenya runs a sacrificial ministry to aid widows and orphans who have suffered from either or both the genocide in 1994 and the ongoing pandemic of HIV AIDS.




Barratt Ministries started working in India in 2001 and sponsored a project of building a bible college as an extension to a school.


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