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Radical Christianity Series


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Amidst all the talk of revival, a few lone voices in Christianity are being raised - those who are willing to swim against the tide, those who decline to jump on the bandwagon, those who dare to cut through the hype, bravado and sales talk, and declare that “the emperor has no clothes”.

Despite nearly a century of spiritual gifts, the Church is statistically in a severe decline, and society is rushing headlong into a dark night of godlessness, chaos and catastrophe. What is lacking? Maurice Barratt presents a fresh perspective because he is not critical of spiritual gifts; on the contrary, he believes that the gifts of the Spirit are valid and necessary today. His conviction is that the Church lacks not gifts or power, but the character of Christ in the lives of those who claim to be his followers.

Laying the axe to the root of our comfortable Christianity, Maurice Barratt suggests that we need to face up to the radical teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, with its devastating practical implications for our lives.

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Radical Christianity Series

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01. Pierce My Ear

02. Peter: Fisherman to Shepherd

03. God's Purpose, God's Process

04. Deny Yourself (The Cost of Discipleship: 1)

05. Take Up Your Cross (The Cost of Discipleship: 2)

06. Follow Me (The Cost of Discipleship: 3)

07. The Two Natures (Holiness: 1)

08. All in the Mind (Holiness: 2)

09. Cause & Effect (Holiness: 3)

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10. Sermon on the Mount (An Overview)

11. The Beatitudes (Principles)

12. The Poor in Spirit (Beatitudes: 1)

13. They that Mourn (Beatitudes: 2)

14. The Meek (Beatitudes: 3)

15. They that Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness (Beatitudes: 4)

16. The Merciful (Beatitudes: 5)

17. The Pure in Heart (Beatitudes: 6)

18. The Peacemakers (Beatitudes: 7)

19. Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake (Beatitudes: 8)

20. Persecuted for My Name's Sake (Beatitudes: 9)

21. Salt of the Earth

22. Light of the World

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23. The Law is Perfect

24. Love Fulfills the Law

25. Motives of Love

26. Thou Shalt not Kill

27. Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery

28. Divorce

29. Swearing on Oath

30. An Eye for an Eye

31. Love Your Enemies

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32. Almsgiving

33. Principles of Prayer

34. Practical Prayer

35. The Lord's Prayer

36. Hallowed be Thy Name

37. Unforgiveness

38. Principles of Fasting

39. Practical Fasting

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40. Treasures on Earth

41. Treasures in Heaven

42. The Light of the Body

43. Take No Thought - Life

44. Take No Thought - Food & Clothes

45. Take No Thought - Tomorrow

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46. Judge Not

47. Things We Must Judge

48. Holy Things to Dogs

49. Pearls Before Swine

50. Ask - It Shall Be Given

51. Seek - ou Shall Find

52. Knock - It Shall Be Opened

53. Do Unto Others

54. The Narrow Way

55. The Broad Way

56. Known by Their Fruits

57. The Way of Cain

58. The Greedy Way of Balaam

59. The Rebellion of Korah

60. The Two Trees

61. Burning or Pruning

62. God's Work or God's Will

63. Wise & Foolish Christians

64. A Different Authority

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