"Pure religion and undefiled is to visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world."

James 1:27

November 2014


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I had seen it happen so many times before. As I was growing up I’d had really good friends who were dedicated Christians and had been called by God to serve Him in a ministerial capacity, and they had faithfully done so - until they found a husband, and children had come along, From that point onwards they felt that their ministry had changed, and now God wanted them to be submissive wives and godly mothers. It had always jarred with me, because I couldn’t see how this could be a ministry from God - I could only see it as fulfilling duty, otherwise millions of other non-Christian people in the world had also been given this ministry and were doing their job well! So I vowed that this would never happen to me. Maurice and I continued to take ministerial engagements, but allowed a gap of 3 months when I would be having our baby. Nathan was 6 weeks old when we took him on our first engagement in England. At 10 weeks old we took him to America for 4 weeks, came back for 10 days and then took him off again to Holland for another 5 weeks of intensive ministry.


The Trials of Motherhood


Before becoming pregnant I had never had any interest whatsoever in children, so consequently I was not prepared for the vast changes that motherhood was to bring about in my life. From the time of his birth Nathan had been subjected to different countries, homes, beds, people - and the only constant thing in his short life was the breast milk that he received from me. Towards the end of our ministry in Holland he seemed to go through a time of acute insecurity and during the night time he would wake every single hour for the comfort of being breast fed. At times he would sleep for only 20 minutes before needing to be fed again. It seemed as though he constantly needed the comfort that only I could give him. This, of course, drained me terribly, as for days the baby kept me awake day and night, and the ministry became an exhausting ordeal. Sometimes we had to travel for 2 hours before arriving at a meeting, and then after the service had finished, another 2 hours traveling before arriving home to get wearily into bed. My concentration and patience went, I was on the verge of tears all the time - I was heading for a breakdown.


A Big Decision


Maurice and I had worked together in the ministry for 25 years and we prided ourselves on always keeping our engagements no matter what obstacles were put in our path, but during this period of ministry in Holland, I let him down twice and he had to preach on his own while I stayed at home, as I felt just too weak to carry on. I knew I had to do something about my situation, and so I made the decision to give up my part in the ministry for about a year, in the hope that Nathan could get into some sort of routine. Since the theft of our musical instruments Maurice had developed tremendously where his preaching was concerned, so I did my best to encourage him to continue taking bookings without me for this period. For the next couple of months after returning to England, Maurice and I had planned to fulfil some local engagements and take a holiday before embarking on another tour of Scotland. I tried to persuade Maurice to get in touch with the ministers and let them know that I wouldn’t be going with him, just to warn them of what was happening, but Maurice wouldn’t discuss it with me and kept telling me to wait until nearer the time. I felt sure in my mind that God had spoken to me so I just waited for the situation to sink into his head.


The Call


On the Sunday of our holiday, Maurice and I visited a local church and I asked God to speak to him to let Maurice know what He had told me. But throughout the sermon, instead of the minister speaking to Maurice, he was speaking directly to me! He was talking about Peter, about his failures and in particular his denial of Jesus Christ. When Jesus rose from the dead he didn’t find Peter with the other disciples, he found him back at work, fishing, doing his old job. And it was during this time of failure that Jesus called him, yet again, to be His disciple and fulfil His will. The minister stressed that the circumstances were not important, what was important was the call. This particular phrase hit me hard, and I had to examine myself. I knew I’d been called by God; all my life I had known a sense of destiny, I had known that God wanted me in the ministry. Then God brought the scripture to my mind that unless a man is willing to forsake his father, mother, sister, brother, children, lands, houses, everything for His name’s sake, then he’s not worthy of the Kingdom of God. I was convicted, terribly convicted. In tears I made the promise to God that even though I knew it was going to be very costly I would take up my cross and follow Him. At the end of the meeting I told Maurice that I would be going with him to Scotland and that I would be taking up my position by his side in the ministry even though I had Nathan in tow. The very moment that I gave up the control of my life God stepped in and took hold of me.


The Blessings Followed


That week after I returned from holiday I received a telephone call from a Dutch minister who asked if I would come over to Holland to sing at their Pentecost meeting which was scheduled to be held at the Congress Hall in Den Haag. This meeting was to be filmed and shown on Dutch Cable Television. After looking at our diaries, Maurice and I realised that this was the only weekend free of ministry that we’d had for quite a long time. As Maurice had already arranged to be away at a recording studio in Scotland during this period, he told me to go ahead and accept the invitation. I telephoned the minister and he made all the arrangements and said the airline tickets for myself and Nathan would be waiting at the airport. I’m at a loss to describe how I felt at that particular moment, but I knew that this was the Lord endorsing my decision to carry on in the ministry. At the end of the weekend, as I was preparing to come home to England, somebody came up to me with £125 and told me that this wasn’t for the ministry, but for my own personal needs. In all the years that I have been ministering for the Lord, nobody has ever given me a sizeable gift like this before. I came back to England really blessed and encouraged by the Lord. A couple of days later I was having a chat with Paula, Maurice’s younger daughter, She had recently come to live at Barratt Ministries and had noticed that I needed help where the baby was concerned, so she offered her services saying that she would come to Scotland with me and babysit every evening while I went out with Maurice to the meetings. As we generally take a 5-berth caravan with us when we go touring in the UK, this meant that Nathan (who was still only 7 months old) would be sleeping in the same bed every night, looked after by the same person for the whole month, and, as he’d already become very fond of Paula, I knew that this was an answer to my prayer. As I write this story I am again in Holland, in a 3-bedroomed apartment which has been provided by the Dutch organization we help. Maria, Maurice’s elder daughter, is here with us too. When Maurice and I go out on ministry, Maria faithfully comes and looks after her little brother (who adores his big sister!) which means that Nathan can sleep in his own bed each night and keep some sort of routine in his life, even though Maurice and I are here, there and everywhere for the Lord.


God’s Responsibility


I can’t thank God enough for the way He has provided for all my needs. My biggest fear was leaving Nathan with other people whilst I was away so much. But God had already foreseen my decision to take up my cross and prepared his 2 older sisters, who don’t do this task out of duty, but because they really do love and enjoy their little brother. Being a mother is a tremendous responsibility, but being a Father who has to look after both mother and child (and that’s what God is to me and Nathan) must be a far greater responsibility, which He seems to have willingly accepted!


Experiences from Life

by Joanna Barratt



"The very moment that I gave up the control of my life God stepped in and took hold of me..."


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